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General Department

Responsible for all administrative matters including but not limited to preparation of meeting resolutions, issuance and receipt of all letters, orders, circulars and notifications, issue of residential, income and no objection certificates, advertisements, while being the custodian of all case files and land deeds.

Sl. No. Name of the Staff Designation Contact No.
1 Subrata Biswas Head Clerk 94743-88345
2 Pradip Deb Additional Head Clerk 94762-94620
3 Arnab Sinha PA to Mayor 98324-35944
4 Pradipta Das PA to Commissioner 94343-56664
5 Magrita Kachyap Upper Division Clerk  
5 Aditya Roy Clerk Cum Typist 94748-76229
6 Sudipta Ghosh Lower Division Clerk 79800-69505
7 Himangshu Dey OSD, Legal (Contractual) 94341-43388
8 Ratindra Dutta OSD, Legal (Contractual) 94342-40909
9 Swapna Hazra Peon  
10 Nipul Das Peon 97359-93852
11 Prafulla Das Peon  
12 Goutam Roy Peon  
13 Md.Kafizuddin Mazdoor  
14 Pradip Saha Guard  
14 Bandhu Asur Gang Khalashi working as Guard  
15 Santi Das Office Cleaner  
16 Arna Das Office Cleaner,Working at MMIC License Chamber  

Nature of Work:-

Sl. No. Work / Activities Contact Employee
1 Attend BOC meeting,preparation of BOC meeting resolution,any other meeting and other administrative works as and when required. Apart from issuance of electric NOC. Subrata Biswas
2 All types of computer related works and also performing duties as and when required. Aditya Roy
3 All types of letter receive at receiving section in the groundFloor of SMC HQ and receive of telephones from outside. Magrita Kachyap
4 Maintaining telephone/mobile register of Councillors and and to dispatch Govt.letter letters to Mayor/DeputyMayor/Commissioner /Secretary.  
5 After proper docketing general letter to dispatch to different Department of SMC.  
6 Maintaining all types of files and records. Swarajit Bhattacharjee
7 Dispatching all types of letters to different departments/sections of SMC Swapna Hazra
8 Printing/Copying and Xerox etc Pradip Saha
9 Doing all kinds of paper Xerox and copy printing. Nipul Das
10 Maintaining all types of work in the meeting hall as and when requir Prafulla Das
11 Despatching all types of letters to different departments/sections of SMC Santi Das