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Borough - I

Office of the Borough Committee No I

Name of the Co-ordinator with Contact No. - Smt. Snigdha Hazra, Mobile no: 9832362718
Name of the Borough Officer with Contact No.- Sri Jyotsna Kanta Pore , Mob-7908043806

Name of the Section Their Activities Required Documents to be filled up by outsider / public Concerned Person (head) and his/her contact number.
Cash Cash related matter  

Debashis Mallik

(Cashier) 98324-46059

Conservancy Labour management , Conservancy related work  

Sanjay Chakraborty.


Property Tax Property Tax Collection(Office Counter) & Data maintenance Original Copy of Last Tax Receipt

Amit Kumar Sinha


Water Tax Water Tax Collection ( Office Counter) & Data maintenance Original Copy of Last Tax Receipt

Debjani Nag Biswas



Electricity Electrical maintenance work under Borough No- 1 & Data maintenance For any complain an application to Borough Officer.

Md. Noor Alam


PWD PWD (Tech.)work under Borough No-1  


Alok Kr. Sarkar  


Dhrubajyoti Roy Dakua


PWD PWD (paper) work under   Borough No-1  

Md. Tahir Hussain


Building Plan related Tech. matter under Borough No-1.  


 Alok Kr. Sarkar (SAE,Civil)-97496-13353.

Dhrubajyoti Roy Dakua


Building Building (Paper )work under Borough No-1 3 Copy Site plan, Copy of Deed, Tax Recpt. LUCC, Khajna Receipt. Affidavit Bond, Copy of LBS’s  License and other related paper.

Md. Tahir Hussain


Establishment Salary Sheet, Leave, Letter receiving & Dispatch , section related matter  

Shankari Das Chakraborty