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Message from Member, Board of Administration

"Siliguri is a rapidly developing city located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is the gateway to the North Eastern states, adding to its geographical and cultural importance. It has seen development, infrastructural and otherwise, and has simultaneously managed to retain an old world charm. Its rapid development to the foremost cities in the state is a result of the combined hard work and dedication of the administration and citizens alike. It has citizens from across the cultural spectrum- a melting pot of different languages, cuisines, lifestyle and ethnicities. This social fabric needs to be protected and preserved for the generations to come. The Siliguri Municipal Corporation aims at providing efficient governance and civic amenities to all of its citizens. It has been working incessantly towards the realization of this objective. We intend to work on both macro and micro levels to eliminate the problems faced by our city. We welcome all active participation and engagement from the people of Siliguri in the realization of our common goal- a modern, peaceful, prosperous Siliguri."